Dick's Drive In App

Mobile app design visual on iPhone screen

project - A case study

Proposing a new delivery service through a mobile app and overviewing of the user experience for Dicks Drive-In.


Adobe Photoshop, Flinto, macOS Numbers, macOS Pages, Hand Sketches


Competitive Analysis, User Research, Persona, User Flow, Sketches, Key Screens, Interactive Prototype


⇝ Market Research

When I started to work on this project, the first thing I wanted to learn was how delivery services work on nationwide fast-food businesses. So, I started to do market research about similar businesses. I found out that fast-food businesses don’t have their own delivery so they use 3rd party delivery services. I expanded my market research through these delivery services to understand how their service system works and how using it affects customers. My other goal was to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors and user needs in the field.

Market research findings about fast-food businesses and their delivery styles

⇝ User Research & Insights

As part of my ideation process, qualitative research was conducted to understand potential customers' approach towards using fast-food delivery services. A set of questions was asked to the customers of Dick’s Drive-In in the form of a survey.

⇝ Persona

I created a persona by focusing on my target users and had key decisions based on the persona.

UX persona about a young, burger lover person

⇝ User Flow

I created a scenario using my persona, and that helped me to create user flow, a series of steps a user would take to achieve the goal

User Flow for a mobile app project

⇝ Sketches

I started with the quick hand sketches to see the interactions of the key screens clearly and to decide some of the basic design details by using the scenario.

User Flow for a mobile app project

⇝ Hi-Fi Prototype

When I chose a color scheme for the high fidelity prototype, I employed the color scheme from Dick's branding. My main goal was to make the prototype clean and easy to read by using white space and contrast.

User Flow for a mobile app project User Flow for a mobile app project

⇝ Interactive Prototype Demo


Iteration Ideas

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