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Mobile app design visual on iPhone screen

project - a case study

Giving the book clubbers a unique experience by keeping needed information all together under one mobile application by demonstrating the practice of UX design as a professional discipline and demonstrating heuristics that communicate usability standards.


Axure RP, Microsoft Power Point, Adobe InDesign, Capto


Competitive Analysis, User Research, Personas, User Flows, Sketches, Key Screens, Interactive Prototype, Usability Testing Plan


⇝ Market Research

"Novellic", "Goodreads" and "Book Club" IPhone apps have been chosen as competitors. These are the market’s best known apps related to book clubs.

Market research findings about book reading and book clubs apps

⇝ User Research & Insights

As part of my ideation process, qualitative research was conducted to understand potential customers approaches and expectations about book clubs. Participants of the survey were people in different age ranges, who had attended a book club at least once. A series of questions were asked in the form of a survey.

⇝ Personas & Scenarios & Task Flows

I created two different personas by focusing on my target users. My goal was to understand what is important for them and what kind of struggles they have, which led me to create scenarios and task flows based on the scenarios.

UX personas about readers, scenaorios and task flows

⇝ Overall Objectives

⇝ Site Map

Site Map for a mobile book club app project

⇝ Sketches

I started with the quick hand sketches to see the interactions of the components better and to decide some of the basic design details by using the scenarios. I haven’t worked on them in detail. After deciding the main features, I started to work on the digital platform.

Hand Sketches for a mobile app project

⇝ Design Goals


The main font used will be Helvetica. It is a well-known and ubiquitous font as well as one of the most used fonts, so it gives people familiarity. Also, it is available in a number of weights and cuts.


I created the following color scheme for the high fidelity prototype. The primary color is the ivory-amber color to give the nuance of paper books as well as to set a natural and comforting mood. I created other colors in the Adobe Color CC by choosing complementary colors to give a sense of balance. Also, I checked the colors for their accessibility.

Color Scheme of the designed app

⇝ Lo-Fi Prototype

The whole design is developed around three main elements that are book clubs, books and people.

Low fidelity app design

⇝ Hi-Fi Prototype

High Fidelity app design visuals High Fidelity app design visuals

⇝ Interactive Prototype Demo


Since I am an avid reader and a book club attendee, I always feel the lack of an application to use for this purpose. My main goal was solving this problem while encouraging people to read more. The app may include more rewarding features to keep readers motivated, which results in more reading. To do so, exploring the initial problem by interviewing people to focus on how using this app could encourage people to read more and validating design decisions.

Usability Testing Plan

Potential Market Expansions