Turkcha Website

Website design visual images

Website & Visual Design

Designing and building a new website for a non-profit organization to show what kinds of services they offer to the community.


Sketch, HTML, CSS, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop


Responsive Web Design, Web Development, Content Development


⇝ Initial Step & Research

I met the organization executives to understand the primary business goals. They needed a website to brand themselves and to show the events they organize, which eventually help to get donations since the website gives credibility to the organization. Then I started to market search about other similar non-profit organizations to collect ideas on what to include and how to design.

⇝ Sitemap

Market research and the business goals helped me to create a simple sitemap to point out the needs of the organization.

Navigation design of the website of Turkcha

⇝ Wireframe

I created the simple homepage wireframe to decide the composition of the landing page. Since donations, community involvement, and reaching out are the three main areas for the organization, I set them in the landing page accompanied by a sympathetic hero picture.

Low fidelity wireframe of the Turkcha's website

⇝ Final Project

After creating various color schemes, we agreed on using turquoise as the primary color as the primary color since the word "turquoise" was derived from the French "turquois" and used to define Turkey’s Mediterranean shores. As a secondary color, I chose orange since it is complementary to turquoise.
I wanted to have knowledge of coding in general, so I decided to code this website and built the rest of the pages.

Screen captures of the developed website High Fidelity app design visuals


What I have learned

Next Step

Screen captures with the notes on for the future iterations High Fidelity app design visuals
  1. A new logo designed with different secondary colors. Therefore, the new logo needs to be incorporated with additional color scheme changes.
  2. A new introduction video published for the organization. The video should be added on the website.
  3. Get involved section of the website should be accessible throughout all of the pages to give people quick access.
  4. The history of the event pages is getting longer with the addition of new events. New navigation should be designed to access previous events information such as grouping by years.